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Grand Theft Auto 5 2020 APK: Real or fake?

Grand Theft Auto 5 2020 APK: Real or fake?

Our One of the most amazing and favorite game GTA 5 may have been released back in 2013 but it still holds its ground against other modern titles due to the online mode, exciting storyline and the vast open world that players greatly enjoy. The game, just like its predecessor, was also an outright success. It garnered over $815 million in 24 hours of its release across the world, which roughly equates to 11.21 million copies.

The plot revolves around three protagonists- Michael De Santa, Franklin Clinton and Trevor Philips- and players have to switch between the three of them regularly. 

With the rapid growth of the mobile industry, Rockstar Games have seized the opportunity to port several older GTA games on the mobile platform. The following games from the GTA franchise are available for purchase and download:

GTA 3 i.e. GTA: Chinatown WarsGTA: Liberty City StoriesGTA Vice CityGTA San Andreas
However, no game from the HD Era has been ported for mobile.

Several websites have claimed that they can provide players with the APK file of GTA 5, leading many fans to wonder whether it is possible.

GTA 5 APK: Real or Fake?
Despite all the claims regarding the GTA 5 APK, Rockstar Games have not ported the game officially. Downloading any such APKs will, therefore, carry a security risk.

The next big issue that disproves the above-mentioned claims is the fact that it is incredibly difficult to maintain stability when porting a game of this size on Android devices that have limited processing power compared to consoles and PCs. 

The GTA 5 APK is, therefore, fake as it is not officially available for mobile devices. This means players should try to stay away from such APKs.

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