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The Biggest Security Attacks in 2020 - Know What to Watch Out For Security !

The Biggest Security Attacks in 2020 - Know What to Watch Out For Security !

The main issue with security threats is that all you need to do to be at risk is to install the wrong app, the wrong browser tool, click the wrong link or open the wrong email.
Risks are left and right and you need to be aware of them if you’re going to stay safe, so you know what to avoid. Using the Internet is easy and it’s something anyone can do, but you need to be aware of the risks that come with doing this so you don’t put yourself, your family, your devices, and your digital identity at risk.

The Dangers of Email's Spam, Phishing Attacks

email-based attacks such as spam and phishing are most commonly used to obtain an initial foothold on a victim’s device.emails are one of the biggest threats to organizations, as they’re the source that leads to about 90% of all data breaches. “When it comes to phishing emails, the most common attacks people fall for are often the simplest ones. 

Apps and Browser Extensions Can Hide Malware Inside

Ransomware continues to be a prevalent threat and you need to be aware of the risks. This type of cryptovirus will brick your device, block your access to your data, and hold it for ransom. Unless you pay for your device to be unlocked, the data will be deleted or posted online. Ransomware decryptors are showing up left and right for the biggest malware families, but it can take a long time before cybersec companies get around to creating one.

You must also look into what you install on your browsers. While it may seem like those little browser extensions can’t do much damage, that’s actually not true, as extensions can gather up your data, infect your computer.

Loss of Data i.e. Data Breaches

This segment is directly tied to the companies that hold your data, like Facebook, Google, Amazon, and whatever other company you have created an account with. Whether they get hacked or not is not something you can influence, although you are likely hoping for the best.

What you can do, however, is reset all your passwords once you do hear about a data breach.use strong password and also secure your devices with authorized and legal antivirus.

For the next year, you should be careful about your data and whom you share it with, keep an eye on the apps and the extensions you install, as well as what emails you open. Be vigilant when spending time online, and stay safe!

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