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‘Transcribe Mode’ In Google Translate Can Do Real-Time Transcription

‘Transcribe Mode’ In Google Translate Can Do Real-Time Transcription

Google is soon going to launch a new feature dubbed ‘Transcribe Mode’ to increase the efficiency of Google Translate. This feature will be added in the Translate app for Android which will make it more human-like translator.

Transcribe will be a new mode within Google Translate for Android that listens for speech, Transcribe Mode will arrive on the stable version of the Google Translate app in the second quarter of 2020.There are some preferences in Transcribe to customize what the output looks like, including text size and a dark theme, as well as the ability to show the original text The company didn’t mention anything about introducing the feature in the iOS version of the app.

The transcribe mode has been created by Google to translate long speeches. As the reports say, the feature will work by recording live audio via phone’s microphone. Speculations are that Google will add the ability to work with audio files as well.

The transcribe feature will review the sentences, correcting choice of words and adding punctuation. The transcribe mode will not be available online as Google says it would be difficult to perform real-time multilingual transcription. This is why the company has decided to do it on their servers instead of on-device.

The Transcribe mode is being tested in German, Spanish, and French. A few more languages will be added before the roll-out of the feature in the stable version. Google has not announced any official date for the launch of the feature but it will be released at the starting of the second quarter.

In last year 2019, Google introduced the interpreter mode in the Google Assistant which allows the people to speak back and forth in two different languages. The feature was previously available for only smart displays but a few days ago, the feature was introduced for smartphones as well.

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