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22 Yr-Old Indian Creates ‘Email Spoofer’ Android App Which Sent Emails !!

22 Yr Old Indian Creates ‘Email Spoofer’ Android App Which Sent Emails !! 

Nowadays, It is more and more common to see people being scammed via emails. Cyber criminals are smarter than they used to be, making it a challenge for us common folks to distinguish between a real and a fake bank or official email.


In one other one among news in the cyber crime department, we’ve made up our minds to fragment one other such fragment with you. The Cyber Cell of Delhi Police has arrested a 22-three hundred and sixty five days-feeble childhood, who created a mobile app that spoofed emails of banks, social media apps and telecom companies to cheat other people of money. The app is tranquil accessible on Google Play Retailer and is is named ‘E-mail Spoofer’.

The accused had feeble names of successfully-known placement companies and matrimony sites to dupe the victims. The facet listed right here is that the app has been downloaded extra than a lakh times across the globe, mainly in India and the United states.

The app feeble the names of matrimony sites and recruitment companies to cheat victims. The fraud came to light when other people complained about being cheated of money on the pretext of loans, relationship and job provides they got in emails.

How Does the Application Work :-

The app allows people to send an email from anyone’s email address without any credentials, i.e. username or password. User can feed the target’s email ID and choose any ID of their choice to send mail. Cyber cell had received several complaints regarding people being cheated on the pretext of jobs, loans and dating offers via emails.

On tracking the emails, it was found out that all these companies had no information about such mails being sent out. A thorough check up found out that such mails were sent out via an app. The application was found to be registered in the name of “Ronli” and the owner was identified as Rupesh Bhandari, a native of UP working in Bangalore.

Bhandari initially launched the application in January 2017 and ran it for a year. There were around 15,000 downloads, mostly from India, followed by the USA, Nigeria, Turkey and Bangladesh. Later, he developed the 2.0 version of the app in October 2019.

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