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“Simjacker” Has Been Spying On A Billion Users !!

“Simjacker” Has Been Spying On A Billion Users !!

New Simjacker attack utilizes an inbuilt dynamic sim toolkit called the S@T browser. It is a legacy technology embedded in mobile SIM cards since 2009.

The Simjacker vulnerability is allowing hackers to execute Denial of Service (DoS) attack, leak your personal information, send misinformation using your contact number, etc.

What’s even worse is that reports claim that a private company is working closely with government agencies to spy on a billion users present in 30 countries worldwide with the help of the Sijmacker attack.
Almost all the users affected have no idea that their security has been compromised.

--->>>What Is Being Done To Stop Simjacker Attack?
Authorities representing the mobile networks industry including the GSM Association and the SIM alliance have been notified about the Simjacker attack.

The SIM alliance, a non-profit industry organization that works to make mobiles safe, has taken the necessary steps to halt push messages on mobile phones. These steps include stopping binary messages at the network level and also at the SIM card level.

There’s no solid way to tell whether you’ve been affected by the Simjacker attack. However, you can help avoid any potential future attacks by using a SIM card without the S@T dynamic sim tool kit.

--->>>The main process of executing a Simjacker attack involves the following steps:

An SMS containing a spyware code is sent into the phone’s message box.
This message instructs the SIM to execute and retrieve sensitive information from the data.
Throughout this process, the owner of the phone is completely unaware that his information is being leaked or he is being spied on.

When a hacker successfully performs the Simjacker attack, they can force the user’s phone to open malicious software, steal their information, spread information using owners’ phones, etc.

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