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WhatsApp flaws let attackers hack chats to spread fake news !!

WhatsApp flaws let attackers hack chats to spread fake news !!

Spreading fake news through WhatsApp was never so easy before.
the most popular messaging application in the world, has been found vulnerable to multiple security vulnerabilities that could allow malicious users to intercept and modify the content of messages sent in both private as well as group conversations

According to the latest research from Check Point security firm, WhatsApp users are at the risk of getting their private chats and group conversations hacked and exploited. Researchers discovered a new wave of attacks that allow cybercriminals to penetrate your messages on WhatsApp.

Check Point’s researchers suggest that attackers can use the vulnerability for the following types of attacks:

Make changes to someone’s replies by adding words that they haven’t typed
Quoting someone’s message in a group chat who isn’t a part of that group on WhatsApp
Sending out a message to a group member pretending to be a group message but sent to that person only
Basically, the flaw lets attackers and scammers post anything on your behalf in a private and/or group chat. This may allow them to send fake messages from your side to your contacts and spread misleading news/information.

This penetration is facilitated by “design framework” flaws in the famous messaging app. The attacker not only can intercept but also exploit messages whether in a private or group chat. This way, attackers can fulfill all sorts of malicious objectives such as diverting evidence in their favor or spreading misinformation.

The Head of Product Vulnerability Research at Check Point, Oded Vanunu, stated:

“Given WhatsApp’s prevalence among consumers, businesses, and government agencies, it’s no surprise that hackers see the application as a five-star opportunity for potential scams. As one of the main communication channels available today, WhatsApp is used for sensitive conversations ranging from confidential corporate and government information to criminal intelligence that could be used in a court of law.”

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