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Instagram To Introduce ->Nametags<- A Copy Of Snapchat’s SnapCodes

Instagram To Introduce ->Nametags<- A Copy Of Snapchat’s SnapCodes

Google's computer vision has seen major improvements over the years, a fact that is highlighted by the artificial intelligence chops of its Photos apps, which recognises faces, objects and more. Now, Google wants to do the same with voice as well. More specifically, audio-visual speech separation.

Instagram  is preparing to launch a feature called Nametags that lets you create a special image that people can scan with the Instagram Stories camera to follow you. TechCrunch broke the news of Nametags code in Instagram’s Android APK last month. But now thanks to reader Genady Okrain we have screenshots and more details of the Instagram Nametags feature.

Once again, Instagram has been caught ripping off one of Snapchat’s famous features. As confirmed by an Instagram spokesperson to TechCrunch, the company is testing the Nametag feature (similar to QR Codes) which will allow users to create a customized image that can be scanned to find a profile on Instagram.

A reader named Genady Okrain also found that a unique tag can be generated by using emoji patterns for sharing profiles. The emoji patterns created in it might be based on augmented reality selfies which can be shared later on.

The custom tag created by this feature will make it easier to find someone’s profile by having them open their Nametag. Instead of typing username and sending a follow request, you can simply point your stories camera at a Nametag to add them.
It would also help famous figures and businesses in visually promoting their Instagram accounts by posting their Nametag on other platforms or printing it on posters to gather more followers.

If creators find it easier to build an audience on Instagram and get more engagement there, they could give the Facebook-owned app their first-run content. The eventual launch of Nametags could give them one more reason to use Snapchat copycat Instagram Stories instead of the original.

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