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A Vietnamese-Man Hacked Australian Airport Computers !

A Vietnamese-Man Hacked Australian Airport Computers !

A 31 year old Vietnamese hacker <<Le Duc Hoang Hai>> stole highly sensitive data belonging to Perth Airport’s building and security infrastructure after breaching its computer systems.The incident took place in March 2016 when Hai got his hand on login credentials of a third-party contractor allowing him to access the airport systems.

>>>What Was Stolen
A/c to The West Australian’s report--Hai stole “a significant amount of data including building schematics and details of physical security at airport buildings.” However, the hacker could not access the airport’s radar system and neither the aircraft operations were impacted.

After tracing hacker’s activity to Vietnam, Australian and Vietnamese authorities conducted joint investigations leading to his arrest. Furthermore, Hai also targeted critical cyber infrastructure in Vietnam, including banks, online military newspaper, and financial sector.

Hai has been convicted and sent to prison for four years for hacking and stealing data from Perth Airport’s corporate network.

>>>Not For The First Time
This is the second time that an Australia’s security infrastructure is in the news for all wrong reasons. In October this year, authorities revealed that the country’s defense programs were compromised after hackers managed to steal a trove of 30GB data that was subject to the US government’s International Traffic in Arms Regulations rules.

The stolen data also included details about the latest generation of fighter jets from the US dubbed as F-35 and the P8 An advanced surveillance tool & submarine hunter. Moreover, a wireframe diagram of new ships at the Australian Navy was also part of the breached data. Ironically, hackers were successful in their attack due to poor security protocols of a defense subcontractor working for the Australian government.

Gone are the days when airports were considered to be safe. A recent activity left Australians shocked when a professional hacker got hacked into Peth’s airport security systems.

This incident took place at Perth airport and the man behind this was a Vietnamense hacker called Le Duc Huang Hai. Further investigations reported that this man succeeded at doing this after he stole a third party’s credentials to log into Perth’s security systems.

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