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Microsoft Surface Precious Mouse Can Control 3 PCs At Same Time

Microsoft Surface Precious Mouse Can Control 3 PCs At Same Time

Microsoft’s Surface Precision Mouse is close to its release next week. The reason why this Surface Mouse successor is special because it solves one big problem in our lives by controlling up to three PCs at the same time. Yeah, you heard that right.

Switching between different computers on your desk is as simple as shifting the pointer through the edge of one screen, provided you have configured the mouse using the Microsoft Keyboard and Mouse software.

The feature is however not entirely new; it has existed for years. Third-party apps allow you to share your mouse and keyboard between multiple computers. But making the process easier for users is an advantage for sure.

Build Quality:
Other than build quality and ergonomic design, Microsoft’s Surface Precision Mouse also flaunts the company’s new patented magnetic scrolling mechanism. Further, there are three customizable buttons which can be configured to open apps.

On-paper support is available for various operating systems, but there are some considerable downsides. The mouse only supports USB connection for Windows 7. Android devices can be connected via Bluetooth only.

Some features of Mouse:
 customizable buttons and the ability to control multiple PCs won’t work on Windows 10 S, and Mac OS X as the Keyboard and Mouse software isn’t available for these operating systems.

The Surface Precision Mouse will be released on November 16 in the US and Canada. So, if you’re excited enough to add this tech to your Windows 10 Pc or laptop
You can buy it from Microsoft's site at $99.

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