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Sony PlayStation Official Twitter Account Hacked "OurMine Hacker"

Sony PlayStation Official Twitter Account Hacked "OurMine Hacker"

Last few day's ago OurMine hacker are hack HOB and GOT Social media account including Facebook and Twitter Account .

Recent days, The OurMine Hacker are hack "Sony PlayStation Network" (PSN) Official Social media account including Twitter and Facebook On Sunday.

OurMine hacker group are based in Saudi Arabia, They are very famous hacker in world, those hacker are hack many thing's.

After taking over the PSN’s Twitter account with 14.6 million followers, the group started sending Tweets encouraging the Network to contact the group through its website to buy its IT security service to protect them from future hack attacks.

“OurMine offers companies security against hacking, charging up to $5,000 for a “scan” of their social media accounts, site security holes, and other security vulnerabilities, and advertises its commercial services by breaking into famous accounts.”

The accounts were quickly recovered by Sony, and the tweets from the OurMine group were removed, but a few of Twitter users captured the moment before it was gone.

The OurMine Group are claimed to have access PlayStation Network and breached its database:

“We got only registration info [usernames, names, emails, etc.]. No, we are not going to release it. We are a security group; we will only send it to Sony to prove it. And no, Sony haven’t contact us yet.”

The group also posted similar content on the official Facebook page that has 38 millions of followers.

OurMine has earlier hacked the social media accounts of Facebook co-founder Mark Zuckerberg and Spotify co-founder Daniel Ek.

It is unclear if the group has access to PSN’s database or their Tweets were just to spread fear among customers and the company. However, users are already questioning if their card and login data is safe or not.

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