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OurMine Hacker's Hacked HBO, Game Of Thrones Social Media Account.

"OurMine Hacker's Hacked HBO, Game Of Thrones Social Media Accounts" 

Few day's ago we hear some news about HBO Hack and Game Of Thrones Tv Series Episode Leak Online By Indian Hacker, But this time is not an indian hacker, Who hacked HBO Twitter account .
One Of the famous hacker group "OurMine" are hacked HBO and its Game of Thrones TV series Twitter Account .

OurMine, is based in Saudi Arabia, Those hacking group are hacked official Twitter account of HBO and its Game of Thrones TV series on Wednesday night. The group started sending their signature Tweets for asking the HBO to contact the hackers so they can sell their IT security services to the network .

OurMine is the same group who are hacker MySpace and LinkedIn and breaches their password in 2016 . 

This Hacking group does not stop here, They hijacked on many social media accounts of top celebrities, CEOs, including Google’s CEO Sunder Pichai, Twitter’s CEO Jack Dorsey, Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg, Wikipedia co-founder Jimmy Wales, Variety magazine, BuzzFeed, Business Insider.

The same group also compromised Unity 3D Forums, YouTube accounts, Twitter accounts of BBC and NYT, National Geographic, Netflix and Marvel, Vine account of ex-PlayBoy model Amanda Cerny and Twitter account of Pokémon Go’s Developer.

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