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Fix: DNS Server is not responding In Windows

Fix: DNS Server is not responding In Windows.😘

When you try to connect to the Internet, the connection might fail
when we run the Troubleshooter, and you might get this error:
The device or resource (DNS server) isn't responding.

DNS Server is not responding:

1) First backup your Router settings and update the Firmware of your Router.
Check the Router manual for more information

2). Next thing is to change the DNS server address manually.

Go to Start and Click on Control Panel
Open up Network and Internet and go to the Network and Sharing
Click on Change adapter settings
Now you’ll see the list of Network adapters select the Network
adapter that your using and right click on it and go to properties

3).Then Click on “Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4)”

* You’ll see the Internet Protocol Properties
4). Select “Use the Following DNS server address:”

* Enter the Preferred DNS address:
* Enter the Alternative DNS address:
Then selected settings upon exit.

5). Click OK, and then Close to finish.

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